Invite 22 Years of Design Expertise to Your Landscape

“Making Landscaping More Than An Afterthought.”

Throughout the past 22 years Landscape Designer, Alexandra Spare, has been a welcome guest to an extensive list of properties throughout the region drafting creative plans to infuse beauty and practicality in the landscape. With tremendous diversity in experience, Alex is equipped to increase the value of your home and the quality of your outdoor interactions with it delivering a unique, Designer perspective.

Make your landscaping more than an afterthought! Begin with a Site Consultation and see what exquisite insight, advice, and guidance Alex can share for your property. Then, invest in a Design providing you, or a contractor of your choosing, a clear blueprint to improve your property. You can also hire Alex to manage the project and ensure that the design intent is being followed, things are being done in keeping with industry standards, and no detail gets overlooked.

Start HERE!

Schedule a visit with Alex to consult on all things landscape & hardscape.

Your appointment will give you the building blocks to improve your space with constructive ideas you can implement right away.

A blueprint to success.

Success begins with a plan. Invest in your landscape.

From conceptual sketches to master plans elevate your vision to the next level with a scaled landscape design.

This drafted plan serves as a vital communication tool between you, the Designer, and whomever you select to implement the design.

Customized Project Management. Allow Alex to handle the details.

You don’t need to know how to plant, pave, or move a thing. Alex can manage as much or as little as you’d like – either coach you or direct and supervise a contractor you select.

She’ll make sure things are done correctly and look the way they were intended.

Landscape Design, Softscaping, Garden Design, Planting – annuals, trees, shrubs, perennials, Outdoor enhancements, exterior decorating, Hardscaping, Patios, Walkways, Pathways, Stepping stones, Flagstone, Pavers, Walks, Walls, Stone, Ponds, Fountains, water features, low voltage landscape lighting, drainage, erosion, storm water management.

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